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Hi, I'm Stephanie Larsen (previously Lauture) and I am the person behind the camera. I am married to my best friend, who has always supported me in everything I do. I was born with the creative gene - a need to create and develop things. 


My passions include baking (I bake these insanely good rum cakes), photographing, creating art, entertaining and traveling (I make every excuse possible to take my camera with me). 


My journey with photography began in high school where I polished my skills and learned everything from printing & developing film to editing using Photoshop. I can find color in even the most black and white situations. I've had my worked critiqued by classmates and colleagues as well as international judges, which has helped me grow as a person (I was quite shy - I mean, I'm still more comfortable being behind the lens and not in front of it). I'm continuously developing my art and am delighted that I am one of the few that has found what truly makes me happy - capturing beautiful images that I can be proud of that you will love and cherish in your home for years to come. 


I love to travel and make any excuses to do so in order to capture all I can from my lens. 

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